Suite of Services

Interim "Head of Marketing" Support

  • Research, collaborate, assess, and reflect on existing situation and organizational / project needs 
  • Drive project execution aligned with pre-established goals - using both leadership capabilities and hands-on approaches
  • Provide guidance and leadership for marketing teams during times of transition
  • Support with decision-making, conflict management, and team professional development 

Strategy Development

  • Integrated and creative marketing strategies
  • Creative campaigns
  • Content marketing 
  • Partnerships and alliances

Growth & Scale Activities

  • Work with CEOs, CMOs, and a team of marketing professionals to help them scale-up their marketing activities and campaigns - whether they are start-ups, growth-stage, or large organizations
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration
  • Guide marketing teams to work towards project delivery
  • Research and experiment with existing and new techniques to meet growth objectives

Plumbing (Marketing plumbing, that is)
Plumbing doesn't sound too enticing? Without things functioning and operating at its most basic level, things would be a bit harder to manage. I am comfortable with a high-level approach leading marketing teams, but I've also managed to roll-up my cardigan and learn (although by sheer chance) how to keep server machines from exploding - and precious organizational data from being lost. 

  • Assessment of existing marketing practice and needs
  • Lead cross-team communications and collaboration
  • Stealth-mode project execution 
  • Project iteration: review what's being done, collaborate with teams to understand the project scope, and iterate continuously to meet projective objectives
  • From editorial work to children's illustrations, I create custom artwork for clients that want a bit of a special touch. View my illustrations.
  • My favorite camera is the one I have on me at all times: my iOS camera. View my photographs.

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