XuanThu Jacqueline Pham

XuanThu is a senior-level marketing professional with global marketing and leadership experience in the technology, higher education, and K-12 edtech industries. Adept at working in diverse organizations - building cohesive teams, working cross-culturally, and cross-functionally.

From agency-side experience with WPP (a British multinational marketing, advertising, branding, and PR agency), in-house work at large corporations and nonprofits, to huddling in cozy start-up spaces - XuanThu is comfortable working in different environments with diverse teams, personalities, and challenges. 

She helps clients to:

  • Develop integrated and creative marketing strategies
  • Scale-up their marketing campaigns and activities - whether they are start-ups, growth-stage, or large organizations
  • Guide their existing marketing teams to work towards project delivery and navigate times of transition
  • Deliver on project goals with mindfulness, using both leadership capabilities and hands-on plumbing approaches

The following provides some of XuanThu's capabilities, grown from more than 14 years of professional experience:

  • Interim "Head of Marketing" Support
  • Team Development and Guidance
  • Web Content Management
  • Marketing / Sales  / Business Development content development and support
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Partnership Outreach & Development 
  • Public Relations & Social Media Engagement
  • Copywriting & Copyediting

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